Mutts Are The Best Puzzle


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Here’s to the rescued mutts, the marvelous mosaics of the canine world, each a unique masterpiece of traits, quirks, and boundless love. These unsung heroes, with their melting pot of genes, wear coats of many colors and hearts on their furry sleeves, embodying the true spirit of resilience and loyalty. Every rescued mutt is a tale of triumph, a celebration of second chances, and a living reminder that the greatest treasures are often the ones we least expect, wrapped in wagging tails and grateful eyes.

Welcome to The Puzzled Chaplain, your one-stop shop for puzzles that pack a punch of purpose and a dollop of delight, all masterminded by the one and only Chaplain Heidi Woldhuis. Each piece is a slice of Chaplain Heidi’s world, a kaleidoscope of her passions, transformed into jigsaw journeys that are just waiting to be pieced together by your eager hands. But hold onto your puzzle pieces, folks – this isn’t just any ordinary puzzle pit stop; every purchase fuels, a beacon of hope offering trauma and abuse counseling, along with addiction recovery services. So, dive into our puzzle paradise, where every click, snap, and fit isn’t just fun, it’s a step towards healing and helping, all wrapped in the cozy warmth of community and care. At The Puzzled Chaplain, we’re not just piecing together puzzles; we’re piecing together lives, one puzzle and one heart at a time.

.: Material: 100% chipboard
.: 520 pieces
.: Available in horizontal orientation
.: Glossy laminated finish

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