French Bulldog Puzzle


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Behold the French Bulldog, the epitome of charm and quirkiness packed into a compact, muscular frame with a face that’s irresistibly expressive. This little bundle of joy, with its trademark bat ears and soulful eyes, struts with a jaunty confidence, turning heads and stealing hearts with every snort and wiggle. The French Bulldog is the ultimate urban companion, a delightful mix of comical antics and stoic affection, always ready to offer a snuggle or a playful romp, making every moment an adventure in cuteness.

Welcome to The Puzzled Chaplain, your one-stop shop for puzzles that pack a punch of purpose and a dollop of delight, all masterminded by the one and only Chaplain Heidi Woldhuis. Each piece is a slice of Chaplain Heidi’s world, a kaleidoscope of her passions, transformed into jigsaw journeys that are just waiting to be pieced together by your eager hands. But hold onto your puzzle pieces, folks – this isn’t just any ordinary puzzle pit stop; every purchase fuels, a beacon of hope offering trauma and abuse counseling, along with addiction recovery services. So, dive into our puzzle paradise, where every click, snap, and fit isn’t just fun, it’s a step towards healing and helping, all wrapped in the cozy warmth of community and care. At The Puzzled Chaplain, we’re not just piecing together puzzles; we’re piecing together lives, one puzzle and one heart at a time.

.: Material: 100% chipboard
.: 520 pieces
.: Available in horizontal orientation
.: Glossy laminated finish

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